Clues to Watch for a Market Shift

The doldrums of the real estate market are long past us. The sellers’ market is hot again. But can that shift? Of course. So when can we expect a shift to a buyers market? Look for these clues:

  • Interest rates on the rise

If interest rates are expected to rise, as they may again, buyers will be motivated to snap up their dream home soon. Once rates do rise, some buyers will cool off. For perspective on the current market, the average 30-year mortgage rate is 4.11% in July 2017, compared to 3.44% a year earlier. Keep an eye on whether those rates start rising further.

  • New homes being built again

More homes available for sale is good for buyers; not so much for sellers. Here in South Florida, new home construction is heating up – and those new homes are competition for the resale market. While today is nowhere near the craziness of the early 2000s era with new developments popping up in every spare lot, the builders are back and new homes are hitting the market in a steady stream.

  • South Florida attractive as always!

As folks retire and crazy winters continue to aggravate, people will keep moving to Florida and buying real estate. Our area was hit hard by the economic downturn nearly 10 years ago, but now we are seeing great success again. No matter the construction or interest rates, Florida homes will always be in demand.

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4 Advantages of Selling your Home during the Holidays

The majority of home sellers resist putting their home on the market during the holidays.  The list of reasons is many, but among the most popular excuses is the fact that they are busy and will be having guests.  However, if you’re serious about selling your home and you want to get an edge up on the competition, you may want to reconsider.  Here is a list of the reasons why:

  1. Reduced Competition

As previously mentioned, most people do not want to list their homes during the holidays.  In fact, most people simply refuse to do so.  For the small number of homeowners who decide to bite the bullet, the reward can be significant.  Fewer homes on the market always works in favor of the seller.  “The early bird gets the worm.”  If you know you are planning to sell your home after the holidays, why wait?  It’s a good idea to seriously consider moving forward as soon as possible, even during the holidays.

  1. Only Serious Buyers are Looking during the Holidays!

While most are busy shopping, cooking, decorating, and socializing, there will be a number of buyers who are serious about purchasing a home during this time.  No one is out “kicking tires” during this time, so if a buyer is actively looking at homes, this means they are probably ready to make an offer!

  1. Your Home Looks Amazing during the Holidays!

You spend a lot of time decorating and preparing for the holidays.  Your home is a show place that you want to share with family and friends. It’s warm and cozy.  It’s inviting, and it smells fabulous!  Why not take advantage of this, and list your home when it’s actually all dressed up for an open house? Decorate the exterior as well.  Just don’t overdo it!

  1. Buyers Make Decisions Based on their Emotions.

While sellers employ logic and reason, buyers tend to make decisions based on their emotions.  What better time of year, to play on that, than the holidays?  The cozy, inviting atmosphere you’ve created in your home enables the buyer to see what the holidays will look like in their future home.

So, if you’re planning to put your home on the market as soon as the holidays come screeching to a halt, rethink your decision.  Your willingness to take on a little extra during one of the busiest times of year could really pay off!

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Buying South Florida Real Estate: Clues of Good Neighborhood

Whether you are buying a primary residence or an investment property in Boca Raton or the Lake Worth area, it’s just as important to identify a dream neighborhood as a dream home. Much of South Florida real estate consists of foreclosures and short sales which can affect a neighborhood, but there are actually upsides of living in an area with some healthy turnover. Just because a home next door is a rental property right now doesn’t mean it will remain one forever. Oftentimes, investors spend a lot of money repairing, fixing up and making a rental property more beautiful to attract good tenants. According to an article by MoneyTalkNews, there are a lot of clues that tell you whether you are buying a home in the best neighborhood.

Getting what you want

Although resale value is paramount, it’s also important that you buy a home in a neighborhood that meets your own criteria. Only you know whether or not you can handle the daily commute, traffic patterns or the proximity to recreation, shops, playgrounds and the beach. If you want a lot of amenities such as a gym, clubhouse and tennis courts, consider a master-planned community. Prepare to pay CDD (community development fees) when buying South Florida real estate in planned developments.

Hearing the buzz of construction

Whether it’s the sound of hammers due to new construction or home improvements, it’s a sign of a healthy neighborhood when there is activity going on. When your South Florida Realtor gives you a tour of different communities, pay attention to whether people are painting, re-roofing, landscaping, putting up new fences and constructing new homes.

Researching school and crime stats

Your Realtor will help you interpret the different data on the schools in the area as well as crime statistics. Other important data that’s important includes how quickly homes are selling and home values. Find out how far the home is from local fire stations and police stations as well as public libraries and schools. Walk-ability is the new waterfront view for a lot of buyers so find a home in a neighborhood with walking and bicycle paths, sidewalks and access to shops and restaurants.

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6748 Blue Bay Circle for Sale in Lake Worth, FL 33467

6748 Blue Bay CircleThe Jackie Ellis Team at Keller Williams Realty in Boynton Beach just listed 6748 Blue Bay Circle, a Lake Worth Single Family Home. This home went on the market on July 2 and was listed for $350,000.

The home features a two car garage, three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The home boasts pristine tile floors throughout. Featuring a split bedroom floorpan, one of the most highly desired floor plans on single story homes. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and the master bath has dual sinks, so you never have to share!

The patio and backyard are what really make this home shine! An ideal South Florida backyard! The patio area is partially covered patio and fully screened in, providing optimal coverage to enjoy the gorgeous free-form pool. If that wasn’t enough there’s extra yard space for outdoor activities such as gardening!

6748 Blue Bay Circle in Lakeview Estates is measured at 2,214 square feet, making the price per square foot approximately $158. Lakeview Estates is a beautiful little neighborhood nestled in near Smith Farm and within an excellent school district.

The Jackie Ellis Team is excited to help sell this Lake Worth listing in Lakeview Estates. Jackie Ellis  has a reputation for providing exceptional customer service to clients in Palm Beach County for over 25 years. The Jackie Ellis Team‘s real estate agents get homes in the Boynton Beach area sold on average for $10 per square foot more.

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Consider Hurricane and Flood Preparation with Boynton Beach Homes for Sale

named-hurricane-franTransitioning from a home buyer to a homeowner is an exciting experience. However, as you look through and visit properties that you might be interested in purchasing, you also want to consider details regarding hurricane and flood preparation to make sure you invest in the right home.

Keeping the following details in mind when looking at Boynton Beach homes for sale will give you the perspective you need to purchase a home that you will feel safe in for years to come.

Trees and Shrubs

Although overgrown trees and shrubs can look attractive at times, they also become less resistant to wind, which is a major problem during heavy storms and hurricanes. With properties that have a lot of trees and shrubs, you want to make sure you will be capable of keeping them trimmed to a safe degree.

Outdoor Space

Having plenty of outdoor space is great for enjoying the Florida warmth, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility when there is a hurricane warning. Ideally, all outdoor furniture should be brought inside because in heavy winds, they could go airborne and cause damage to property or harm to others.

Storm Doors

As nice as front doors can be, there is no reason to let it be at risk of damage because of heavy rain, wind, or flooding, which makes it a worthwhile investment to get a storm door. It is also worth it to get one for any other exterior doors on your property, but the front door should be prioritized.

If a home you are looking at is already equipped with storm doors, it becomes one less thing you have to worry about when it comes to preparing your home for potential hurricanes and floods.

Hurricane Shutters

While moderate winds are not a problem for most windows, it is when the heavy winds of a hurricane arrive that windows become susceptible to shattering, especially from flying objects.

Buying a home with hurricane shutters means the previous homeowners took the appropriate precautions to prepare their home in the case of a hurricane. It also means you do not have to worry about spending additional money on getting your home properly equipped.

Although it might not be that fun to look out for hurricane and flood preparation in properties, you will find it to be a worthwhile investment of time as it ensures the safety of your family and home.

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4 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

To get the right home at the best possible price, it’s essential to work with a real estate agent. Yet how do you find an agent that is right for you? Ask these 4 questions to ensure compatibility and fit when selecting a real estate agent.

4 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

  1. What types of properties do you handle? If you want to buy a condo, you’d be ill-served by a real estate agent who focuses on selling homes. Agents often specialize in property types; you want to work with an agent who specializes in the type of property you’re seeking.
  2. What areas do you serve? Agents who specialize in communities like Boynton Beach or Lake Worth know these places inside and out. They will be able to tell you about everything from amenities and hidden gems to commute times. You won’t be able to get this information elsewhere, so look for an agent who knows your preferred area.
  3. Will I communicate with you or someone else? Many buyers expect to communicate with real estate agents directly. While many agents always answer their own phone and email, some rely on support staff to do so. To avoid disappointment down the road, ask about this before you commit to a realtor.
  4. Can you provide references? A trusted real estate agent will have references from happy customers. Before you choose an agent, ask for references so you can check out the agent’s track record with buyers or sellers like you.

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Buy a Home in Boca Raton and Discover Why 88,000+ People Aren’t Wrong

If you want to live in a place with 15 schools, lots of Florida sunshine and neighbors who are middle-aged, buy a home in Boca Raton. As of March 2015, it is home to more than 88,000 people and they can’t all be wrong. The average home price in Boca Raton is slightly over $371,000 and many residents have owned their properties for at least a half decade or more. On top of that, there is public transportation available that will conveniently get Boca Raton homeowners where they need to go.

Let’s take the Palm Tran as an example. It runs year round, seven days a week and often provides door-to-door service. For those Boca Raton residents that don’t need door-to-door service, there are bicycle lanes, pedestrian trails, airports, bus lines and commuter railroad services. Any one of them offers transportation to area hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, recreation areas, churches, libraries and more.

Do you want to know something else about Boca Raton? The city government is very much focused on beautification and environmental issues. As such, they’ve worked with others to create recycling, beautification, wildlife preservation and energy conservation programs that are a source of pride for many Boca Raton homeowners. The city’s parks and beaches are a big plus too. Many have lifeguards on duty year round. Among them are South Beach, Red Reef and Spanish River.

Buying a home in Boca Raton will also put you within reach of places like the local community center, Gumbo Limbo Environmental Education Center, Mizner Park Amphitheatre, Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course, Meadows Park Pool and the YMCA. They are excellent places to go when it’s time to exercise the body or the mind. To discover more compelling reasons to buy a beautiful home in Boca Raton, please contact the Jackie Ellis Team.