Beyond Monopoly: board games about real estate

Various board games and many figurines background

Buying and selling real estate isn’t a game… or is it? For most people, buying a property is serious business, as well it should be.

Who knew 10 years ago that we’d all be watching popular TV shows about house hunting and flipping and remodeling! Turns out it is also possible to enjoy the hunt and acquisition of real estate in a board game too. It is always easier to take risks with funny money anyway, right?!

Whether you are starting the house buying process or are settling into a new home, here are a few board games you can break out to “play” at real estate:

For Sale: So you always wanted to be a realtor, huh? Here is a quick fun game about buying and selling houses. Bid for all sorts of houses from a hut to a mansion, and in the second half, sell them at a profit!

Acquire: This game isn’t about buying a house, but becoming a real estate mogul! Control the most real estate and hold the best stocks… and you could win.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: You can make the castle of your dreams… if you like your throne room next to the stables next to the meat locker. Follow the unusual rules to get the most points for your unique castle!

Machi Koro: You build up a city by acquiring cards that represent different types of buildings, from farms to flower shops to an airport! First one to finish the major buildings for their city wins! It all depends on the roll of the dice.

When you are ready to commit to buying a real house – with a game room for all these new board games – call Jackie Ellis!