The Benefits of Ordering a Home Inspection before Listing Your Home

As homeowners, we tend to overlook both minor and major issues within our homes.  This is especially true about areas that we do not frequent such as attics, the rooftop, and the sides or back of the house.  No matter how well you think you have maintained your home, an experienced home inspector will uncover your home’s deepest darkest secrets!  These are the things we tend to ignore until time for the dreaded home inspection, and then we live in fear and turmoil waiting for the inevitable to be revealed.  Finally, there it is in print for all to see.  No more throwing a rug over the damaged floor around the leaky shower!  Everyone will know what’s there as soon as the inspector walks through the bathroom door with his clipboard.  To avoid this embarrassment, many home sellers are opting to have their home inspected before they put it on the market.

billings-home-inspectionsIn all seriousness, a pre home inspection can save the seller big money, and it can also give buyers more confidence when looking at your home.  Bill Billings from Billings Home Inspections tells us that buyers appreciate everything being laid out on the table….literally.  During a showing, if the buyer is able to look at the home inspection along with all of the repairs that you have completed, their level of confidence and trust is dramatically increased.  Of course, if they decide to move forward in the buying process of your home, their agent will still insist on their own home inspection, and that home inspector will probably still find something that needs to be done.  But the list won’t be nearly as long! And, the likelihood of uncovering anything major will be doubtful, insuring you the ability to get the maximum value out of the sale of your home.

So now that we’ve decided it’s a great idea and well worth your money to get a home inspection during the pre-listing process, let’s discuss exactly what the seller is obligated to repair.  If you’ve ever been involved in a home inspection during the selling or buying process, you know that most inspectors list a wide array of issues from cosmetic to electrical and plumbing concerns.  Your real estate agent will guide you through the final inspection report and will inform you of the items you are obligated to repair.  For instance, the “for sale and purchase” contract states that the buyer is entitled to a home that is leak free, structurally sound, and in proper working condition.   However, the seller is NOT obligated to take care of cosmetic items, though taking care of cosmetic items in the first place will increase the value of your home.

Clearly, it’s best to be aware of all of the issues your home may have prior to someone else coming in to make their own assessment.  Scheduling your own home inspection before you list your home really puts the ball in your court, giving you more knowledge and power.  For more information on home inspections, you can reach Billings Home Inspections at (561) 644-0279 or (561) 352-0113.

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