New Home Construction Available Now!

OspreyOaks-Elm3There’s a limited number of Brand New Construction Homes available in Lake Worth, FL.  Step into a world of open spaces, lush green lawns and acres of tranquility in a unique community of beautiful single family homes on spacious lots. There is an extremely limited number of these homes left on the market, and they will Go Fast!

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20 Reasons to Buy New Home Construction

  1. It’s fun. You get to design it. And, it’s under warranty!
  2. Floor plan is designed for you and your family and your lifestyle
  3. Everything is new, never used and selected by you
  4. More energy efficiency saves $$thousands over time
  5. New homes cost less to run and maintain
  6. Renewable energy options like solar
  7. Community amenities
  8. Superior safety codes and designkitchen
  9. Advanced technology and energy saving appliances
  10. Better paints, cabinets and materials for more healthy   home
  11. Hot new trends available
  12. Quicker appreciation over the first five years
  13. Special new home neighborhood friendships
  14. Special financing incentives
  15. Builders must be licensed, bonded and insured
  16. Frame and final walk-thru
  17. Periodic inspections and code checks
  18. Builder has a complete team of professionals
  19. No clouds or liens on the title
  20. Friends, family and co-workers can help