Best Happy Hours in Palm Beach County

Need a new hotspot to go with friends? These four locations will keep you busy with happy hours for at least a month!

Smoke BBQ, Delray Beach

Who wants yet another 2-4-1 happy hour? Smoke ups the game with a THREE for 1 happy hour. So you will want to stay awhile – good thing happy hours is noon to 7 pm! Smoke is also known for some of the best chicken wings in the county. Sounds like happy hour in a happy place!

Deck 84, Delray Beach

Happy hour by the water is a reminder of why we live in Palm Beach County. Enjoy the tropical themed indoors or the large outdoor patio where you will find happy-hour pricing on drinks and food from 3 to 6 Monday through Friday.

Kabuki Sushi & Thai, West Palm Beach

Happy hour and sushi – two great things in one great place. Drinks and your favorite raw fish have happy hour prices from 3 to 7 daily, including half-priced select cocktails, $2.50 beers, $4 sake bombs, and sushi rolls or tapas plates priced $4 to $6 apiece.

Rhum Shak, Lake Worth

Casual and fun, with a happy hour that happens every day from 11 to 7. Special prices on beer wine and liquor are paired with different food specials on various days. You will find 49-cent chicken wings on Thursday and $10.95 full rack of ribs on Tuesday. Remember, Alan Jackson sang, “It’s always 5 o’ clock somewhere.” Might as well be at Rhum Shak.


Summer in South Florida

The heat is on and we are all sweating it here in South Florida. That is no reason to hibernate at home however! You can find plenty to love about summer here in South Florida even in the dog days of summer.

  1. Fewer people! The snow birds and tourists have left the area, which gives the rest of us some elbow room. Enjoy the less crowded roads and restaurants, and know that as a local, you know the secrets of your hometown.
  2. Lower prices! Take advantage of the savings in the summer. Fewer tourists means the restaurants and entertainment spots offer special prices.
  3. Slower pace! The casual atmosphere of South Florida means less hurry and less worry, and that is doubley true in the summer time. It’s the tropics, enjoy the pace.
  4. Go outside anyway! With sunscreen, a good hat and proper planning, you can still enjoy the outdoors in Florida. Explore nature with a short walk through the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Blowing Rocks Preserve in Tequesta, or the Wakodatahatchee Wetlands bird sanctuary in Delray Beach.
  5. Get out on the water! Let the ocean breezes keep you cool. Try an intracoastal tour out of Delray or Riviera Beach. Or go further out to sea with a sunset tour on a catamaran from West Palm Beach!
  6. Air conditioning! Thankfully modern technology has made long Florida summers more tolerable. Have fun while escaping the heat with indoor trampolines, an afternoon making a painting at an art studio, or hit up the local science museum or art museum.



Jackie Ellis’ Pie Day Giveaway 2016!

It’s that time of year again! Jackie Ellis is Giving Away FREE Thanksgiving Pies to our valued clients and our local community!

We will be giving out the pies in the Keller Williams Office Parking Lot on Saturday, November 19! Be sure to register today!

All you need to do is register below…now the hardest decision you will have to make is Pumpkin or Apple!





We ask that you fill the form out completely and correctly. We will need correct contact information so we can stay in touch with you about the event!

9 Common Real Estate Myths, Debunked

Facts Key Showing True Information And Data

If we aren’t the expert in real estate, chances are pretty high that our brother’s friend or cousin’s boss is!  So who needs an agent to buy or sell?  We can figure it out on our own or with a little help from our friends and save a ton of money.  Wait a minute! Not so fast! When it comes to real estate, most of us should probably defer to the professionals who have years of training and experience. If you’ve bought into any of the myths we’re about to cover, you may want to think twice before you try to “go it alone” on your next venture.

  • Myth # 1: When pricing your home, go a little higher to leave room for negotiation.

Often times, this backfires on the seller.  Agents and homebuyers tend to stray away from homes priced above market, and this can leave your house sitting with the sale sign in the yard.  Beware sellers! Buyers often become leery of homes that sit on the market too long.

  • Myth # 2: Buyers can get a better price without using a buyer’s agent.

This is a myth that is, very simply, false.  The agent’s commission is paid by the seller.  If the home is listed through an agent, and the buyer doesn’t use an agent, the listing agent receives the entire commission.  Furthermore, a buyer’s agent is priceless and can help the buyer avoid drastic mistakes and pitfalls.

  • Myth # 3: Selling your home without an agent will save you money.

It’s true that some people can successfully sell their own home.  But there are some serious issues that must be dealt with such as putting the home on the MLS, listing it online, marketing the home properly, and negotiating contracts.  Let’s not forget, when you list your home “For Sale by Owner,” the buyers always expect a good deal!

  • Myth # 4: The real estate market will only go up!

It seems that sellers and buyers alike tend to forget the ups AND downs of the market.  The old saying, “what goes up must come down,” is in order here.  Real estate prices DO fall, and the fall can be quite considerable.

  • Myth # 5: Update your kitchen and bathrooms before listing.

Everyone thinks these two rooms should be renovated.  Not necessarily true!  Buyers may not have the same taste, and they feel that the price is reflecting the recent upgrades.  It would be best for everyone to adjust the price accordingly.

  • Myth # 6: You will make your money back on the renovations you complete.

Major renovations will certainly sell your home more quickly, but the simple truth is that you probably won’t recoup your cost.  Sometimes, it’s a necessity, but don’t expect to get all of your money back.

  • Myth # 7: All properties listed on the MLS will show up online.

Not true!  This is your agent’s job.  Make sure you are on the same page and that he or she has your home showing up on the World Wide Web.

  • Myth # 8: Having an Open House will sell your property.

Rarely does an Open House result in a contract on the property that is being shown.  However, what is most helpful is an Open House specifically for brokers in your area.

  • Myth # 9: The agent showing or listing your home represents your best interest.

Definitely not always true.  In certain states, a client does have the option of signing a contract for the agent to represent him/her as a listing or buyer’s agent. Before choosing an agent to work with you, be sure to weigh your options and do your own research.

As always, we know you have a choice when it comes to real estate.  We are here to serve you!  Contact us here at the Jackie Ellis Team.  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at

Stinky Homes Equal Stinky Home Prices

Young man closing nosa against stinky smellSo, you’re ready to list your home?  There’s no doubt, you have a huge “to do” list in preparation for the upcoming parade of picky perceptive prospects to come waltzing through your door to inspect every last nook and cranny.  It’s for certain, every inch of your home will be noticed, but there’s one very important detail that can’t be seen that you will want to pay close attention to; the smell of your home.

Every home seems to have a unique aroma all its own, and the people who live there seem to be acutely unaware.  This is the reason many people don’t even think about the smell when they are readying their home for the market.  Strong odors, even those that are thought to be pleasant, can be offensive to your guests.  When these guests are looking at your home to consider purchasing it, these objectionable odors can actually have a negative impact on your negotiations. That’s right!  A stinky home can lower the value of your home in the eyes (or the nose) of the beholder.  To avoid this downfall, consider the following tips to get your home in “sniff-proof” shape!

  1. Air it out!  Nothing works better to free your home of unwanted odors than a dose of old fashioned fresh air.  As much as possible, open the windows and doors and let nature do the work.
  2. Stop smoking! If you or any family members smoke, do not smoke indoors.  Smoke is one of the smells that many people, especially non-smokers, react very negatively to.
  3. Groom the pets! We all love our furry little family members, and some of the odors that we have become accustomed to don’t bother us.  This is not true for visitors.  Pet odors should be alleviated by keeping pets bathed and pet areas clean and disinfected.  Sometimes, it is easier to do this by keeping the pets limited to one area of the home while your house is listed.
  4. Paint the walls! Walls tend to hold odors in the home.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in eliminating stale odors of smoke, food and pets.  It’s also great for staging!  Don’t forget to stay with a neutral shade.
  5. Clean the carpets! A professional carpet cleaner can treat spots, deodorize, and have your carpets looking better in no time.  This is also an inexpensive way to enhance the overall look of your home.
  6. Stop cooking! Well, let’s not go overboard.  Don’t completely stop cooking.  However, it is a good rule of thumb to keep your home in “show-ready” condition.  This includes odors, so stay away from strong odors like fish, bacon, onions and garlic.
  7. Don’t overdo on air fresheners and candles! Sometimes “more” is too much!  Strong odors from candles and sprays can be overwhelming and just as offensive as bad odors.  A lightly scented apple pie candle or a little lavender oil in a diffuser may be just right.
  8. Keep it clean! Keeping your home clean, dusted, swept and mopped while showing it is half the battle.  A home that is cleaned often will smell more pleasant and will look better too.

For more information on preparing your home for the real estate market, contact us here at the Jackie Ellis Team.  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at

Average Summer Temperatures

Straw hat, bag and sun glasses  on a tropical beach

Palm Beach County has some of the most beautiful year-round weather than any other tropical destination in the United States.  While the summer months are a little hotter than fall, winter, and spring, the hottest temperatures do not last that long.  And with the ocean breeze and amazing views we have here in Palm Beach County, there really isn’t too much to complain about….not even during the warmest months!

On average, temperatures reach 90 degrees in July and August, up from an average of 88 degrees in June and September.  Of course, humidity can change the way 90 degrees feels, especially with the scattered showers which are common throughout summer.  Spending more time in the swimming pool or playing in the ocean waves is the perfect solution to this “problem.”

If you’d rather not be outdoors during the heat of the day, no sweat!  Morning and evening temperatures are pleasant with average lows at 74 degrees in June and 76 degrees in July.  If you do want to be out and about in the heat but would rather opt for cooler activities, it would be the perfect time to visit the many museums and cultural centers our area has to offer.

And, if you’re in the market for a new home or would like to consult with us regarding listing your current home, there has never been a better time!  Contact us here at the Jackie Ellis Team. Call 561-965-1225 or visit

You Don’t Need the Luck of the Irish to Find Great Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

happy-st-patricks-day-celebration-poster_Xyy_2z_LThere’s no doubt that Americans from every descent have embraced St. Patrick’s Day as our own!  For years, we have celebrated this Irish tradition, American style, by covering ourselves with shamrock green from head to toe, putting on elaborate parades, and hunting for leprechauns.  In Palm Beach County, there’s no shortage to the fun you can find around St. Patrick’s Day, and The Jackie Ellis Team has done the hard work for you, we’ve found some great festivities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate this light-hearted, happy-go-lucky holiday…

Delray Beach Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival

This two day festival has something for everyone.  Events include a Celtic Siamsa Party with Irish dancing and traditional pipe and drum bands, food, beer, live music and a parade featuring World War II Veterans and more.

  • Date: Friday, March 11, and Saturday, March 12, 2016
  • Time: Friday – 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Saturday – 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Parade time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Location: Downtown Delray Beach
  • Website:

Boynton Beach Blarney Bash

This 2nd annual event is for the whole family.  Live music, Irish dancing, face painting, balloon artists, bounce houses, and rock climbing are just a few activities.

Irish Fest 2016 West Palm Beach

The Irish Fest is a two day music and dance festival for the whole family.  Other activities include an Irish Marketplace, artists, crafters, and an international food court.

  • Date: Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, 2016
  • Time: Saturday – Noon to 11:00 p.m. and Sunday – Noon to 8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Downtown West Palm Beach
  • Website:

Lake Worth 10th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The Charity Parade benefits Wheels For Kids.

  • Date: Sunday, March 13, 2016
  • Time: 12 Noon
  • Location: Downtown Lake Worth on Lake Avenue
  • Website:

The Dubliner’s St. Patrick’s Day 9th Annual Block Party

The Dubliner’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities include an Irish buffet, live music and entertainment, face painting, and balloons and clowns for the whole family.

O’Shea’s Pub St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

The Irish pub will feature Irish dancers, bagpipers, and The Amadans from Ireland at this block party on Clematis.

  • Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.
  • Location: 500 block of Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Website:

Paddy Mac’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Special event tents and bars will be outside with live music, food, and entertainment.

Roxy’s Pub St. Patrick’s Day Annual Block Party

Roxy’s Pub block party features live music and free “Kegs and Eggs.”

  • Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Location: 309 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Website:

Five Things you Didn’t know about Lliving in Palm Beach County

Maybe you are considering a move into Palm Beach County, or maybe you already reside here.  Whether here by chance or choice, Palm Beach County is a great place to live.  Aside from the obvious tropical feel and paradise in your own back yard, PBC has much to offer.  So, here is a list of things you may not even know about Palm Beach County and our top 5 reasons for why living here can’t be beat.

  1. No State Taxes: This first one is actually true for the entire state of Florida, but it’s too important to leave off the list! Only seven states in the country can make this claim, and Florida is one of them.  So, instead of parting with your hard earned money by paying state income taxes, you can put more in savings for a rainy day!
  1. World Class Shopping and Dining: It’s no secret; Palm Beach County has some of the best shopping and dining in the world!  One of the many reasons the area is such an attraction for tourists, any time of day or night, you can find a place for scrumptious food and drinks!  Every type of cuisine you can imagine, from all over the world, can be found right here in Palm Beach County.   And, the shopping is “to die for!”  You would need weeks, maybe even months, to make the rounds to all of the fashionable boutiques and big name chain stores alike.
  1. Cultural Diversity and Arts: In Palm Beach County alone, there are over 300 arts and cultural organizations!  For a comprehensive list, you can visit They offer a digital guide to help you get to know and explore these organizations.  From the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden to the Yesteryear Village, there will be places you never knew existed and can’t wait to visit
  1. Palm Beach County Schools: Out of over 70 districts in the state of Florida, Palm Beach County School District makes the top 15 list for best schools.  With over 150 languages spoken throughout the district, the schools are diverse and serve the children of the community with a love for education.  Serving over 37,000 Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students, Palm Beach County Schools has special programs in each school to serve these students and over 9,000 gifted students are in special programs in the district as well.
  1. Palm Beach International Airport: Our list would not be complete without the ease and convenience of an international airport nearby.  But Palm Beach International Airport is not just an ordinary airport.  Serving over 6 million passengers yearly, the airport houses everything from a putting green to a luxury day spa. Traveling with your “furry friend?” More good news; PBI offers fenced and shaded luxury pet relief areas for your four legged kiddo to run and play before or after a long flight!

There is much to learn about Palm Beach County and all that life here has to offer.  So, if you’re thinking of moving here for the awesome year round weather and the beautiful beaches, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  We agree, our location and weather couldn’t be more perfect.  But, Palm Beach County has so much more to give than just that!

4 Stress-Free Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2016

valentine-2016-jackie-ellis-01Every year, it rolls around.  Ready or not!  Valentine’s Day can mean many things, but one thing that seems to be inevitable is the pressure it puts on us to make the day special.  Red roses and chocolates are nice….but predictable, and almost anyone can make a reservation at an upscale restaurant.  Why not do something a little different this year? Why not celebrate your love in a more enjoyable and relaxing way?  After all, a casual and easygoing environment usually brings out the best in most of us and makes it easier to engage in conversation and laughter. Whether going out with a group of friends or alone with your significant other, consider taking the road less traveled… least on Valentine’s Day, anyway.  There are many places around Palm Beach County that will fit the bill for a pleasant evening, offering a diversion from the daily grind.  Here are just a few ideas…..

Brew Houses

Brew Houses have become very popular of late.  Typically, they have a charm all their own.   For example, The Brew House Gallery may be best described as “hip and cool” meets “awesome and interesting”.  For those of us who may enjoy a relaxing, laid back evening in that favorite t-shirt and rugged blue-jeans, this place could be the one!  Not only can you get some amazing beer on tap, but the gourmet hot dogs are said to be “to die for.”  Live local music adds to the ambiance and warmth of the atmosphere.  Did I mention that this place is also an Art Gallery?   That’s really where the “hip and cool” comes in.  Open noon – midnight on Sunday, February 14th.

Wine Bars

There are plenty of wine bars in the area from which to choose.  It’s easy to check out the online reviews to choose the one that best suits you, your mood, and your budget.  You don’t have to know much about wine to enjoy a nice wine bar.  Most of the people who own and serve in these places are knowledgeable and passionate about wine, and they love sharing it with others.  Pairing foods with wine is a skill, and if you leave it to the professionals you won’t be sorry.  Check out The Cheese & Wine Café in Lantana. Open until 8:00 pm on Sundays, they have an extensive gourmet sandwich and appetizer menu.  To top it off, their prices are very reasonable.

Coffee Bars

Wine and Spirits not your thing?  If gourmet coffee is more your style, it’s no secret that the Palm Beach County area has plenty to offer.  Many coffee houses close earlier in the day, but Subculture Coffee is open 7:00 am – midnight on Sundays.  And, Havana’s in West Palm Beach has a walk-up window that is open 24/7!  Of course, they have more than coffee to offer, but the coffee, alone, will not disappoint!

A Sunset Picnic

Pack your own food, or take your favorite carry out to the beach for a sunset picnic.  South Inlet is a great park to choose if you prefer a picnic table, and Ocean Ridge Hammock Park is excellent for spreading a blanket and enjoying a feast right on the beach.  After dinner, enjoy a walk in the sand as the sun sets.  Don’t forget to dress in layers, but the cool breeze will give you a good excuse to hold hands and cuddle!

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make it memorable by making it stress free.  Give you and yours a chance to take a break together, relax, and just spend time enjoying each other’s company.  You never know, you may enjoy it enough to make it a habit!


Palm Beach County Homes For Sale

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7481 Kingsley Court for Sale in Lake Worth, FL 33467

The Jackie Ellis Team at Keller Williams Realty in Boynton Beach just listed 7481 Kingsley Court, a Lake Worth Single Family Home. This home went on the market on July 30 and was listed for $275,000.

If you are interested in 7481 Kingsley Court Call Larry at the Jackie Ellis Team – 561-880-5844

The home features three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and one half-bath. The home has CBS construction on both floors. The first floor of the home boasts beautiful wood flooring, and each bedroom has soft carpeted floors.

The kitchen is a chef’s dream, featuring stainless steel appliances and a cozy breakfast nook. The backyard is the most stunning feature of the home, fully screened-in overlooking a open swimming pool with paved deck. The stunning and spacious backyard leaves plenty of room to play in the South Florida sun!

7481 Kingsley Court in Smith Farm is measured at 1,737 square feet, making the price per square foot approximately $158. Smith Farm is a highly desired & gated neighborhood, situated in one of South Florida’s best school districts.

The Jackie Ellis Team is excited to help sell this Lake Worth listing in Smith Farm. Jackie Ellis  has a reputation for providing exceptional customer service to clients in Palm Beach County for over 25 years. The Jackie Ellis Team‘s real estate agents get homes in the Boynton Beach area sold on average for $10 per square foot more.

If you are interested in 7481 Kingsley Court or in other Palm Beach County real estate listings, Call Larry at the Jackie Ellis Team – 561-880-5844

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