Unique Selling Point: A Bike & A Helmet #SellWithJackieEllis

9points-bikebackpackOne of the greatest privileges of running a local business is being able to give generously to charitable causes and community organizations.  A big part of the culture at The Jackie Ellis Team is our desire to give back to our community in a big way.  In fact, we consider it an honor.  One of the ways we enjoy this is through our Bike & a Helmet Program. Not only do we involve our team, be we also enjoy engaging our clients in the process.  With every closing, The Jackie Ellis Team will donate a bike and a helmet to local children in need.

You may be wondering why we’ve chosen a Bike & a Helmet as a worthy cause.  It’s simple!  We care about kids, and we want them to have the tools necessary to succeed in life.  Studies show that learning to ride a bicycle is an important part of child development.  Not only does it promote lower extremity strengthening, it also helps with core strengthening, bilateral coordination, balance, and upper body proprioception.  Let’s not forget it also burns calories and helps kids stay fit which helps promote a healthy lifestyle. We believe that each child should have the benefit of owning their own bike.  Learning to ride a bicycle is almost a rite of passage!

So, how do we involve our whole team, including our clients? As we mentioned, with every closing we add another bike and a helmet to our donation.  And each quarter we will host an event, giving the bikes and supplies out to the children, inviting you to join us! We are excited about the opportunities we have to support our community, and we would love for you to play a role in our efforts.  For more information call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Unique Selling Point: Photo & Video Specialist #SellWithJackieEllis

9points-photoWhen listing your home, photos have never been more important than they are today.  According to realtor.org, studies show that more than 92 percent of all homebuyers use the internet in their search for new properties.  The study also revealed the interesting fact that homes priced at $200,000 and ranging above $1 million actually earn a better sales price AND sell more quickly! This means that good photography is critical, and here at The Jackie Ellis Team, we take it very seriously.

That’s why our team’s digital media specialist utilizes the latest in 3D, wide-angle and HDR technology to capture the special features of your home.  And we don’t stop there.  The photos are then turned over to the graphic design professional to create effective marketing that properly showcases the aspects of your home that buyers are seeking.

It’s important to remember that the first impression a buyer has of a home, even online, is essential.  If would-be buyers are not impressed by the images they see, the chances are high that they will move on.  The goal is to capture photographs that will create a positive emotion with the home prior to seeing it in person.  Because emotion is the number one trigger of most buyers, home sellers must take full advantage of this tool.

There’s simply no reason to settle for the typical agent who does not utilize these special services.  Hiring a company at random to save money or taking photos themselves just isn’t good enough in today’s market.    We, here at The Jackie Ellis Team, believe in using every available resource to market your home in the best light possible.  To hear more about our Unique Selling Tools, call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Unique Selling Point: Social Fusion #SellWithJackieEllis

9points-socialIt’s called the World Wide Web for a reason, and the Jackie Ellis Team uses it to the greatest length.  There’s no better way to market your home than to use social media to your advantage.  With Social Fusion, marketing of your home doesn’t end after the first week you list it.  It continues until your home is in contract and a “SOLD!” sign is placed in the yard.

The Jackie Ellis Team creatively utilizes blogging and social networks as well as paid target advertising to enthusiastically spread your home across the internet, generating buzz!  All of these highly effective tools connect back to your home’s Virtual Home Showcase where prospective buyers will find pictures, the 3-D tour, and all of the detailed information on your property.

Our particular method of Social Fusion makes it possible to keep your home on the forefront of the real estate market, assuring that your home gets the appropriate attention it deserves.  From the Seller Connection Video, the 3D & Walking Home Tour, and the Interactive Home Showcase, your home is made visible to a wide-reaching audience.

For more information on The Jackie Ellis Team, Social Fusion, and our other Unique Selling Points, call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Unique Selling Point: Moving Made Easy #SellWithJackieEllis

movingIt’s always exciting to move into a new home.  But it’s undeniable, along with the excitement comes a little anxiety and stress over the actual move.  With Moving Made Easy, The Jackie Ellis Team gladly takes a little pressure off of their clients and puts it in the hands of some trusted professionals.

The easiest moves always happen when sellers and agents do the necessary work ahead of time.  And by now, you must know that the move begins well before the “sale” sign is even placed in the front yard!  That’s right….It must begin during the de-cluttering and staging phases of the home selling process.  So, while you’re busy with purging, positioning and packing, we’ll deliver some much needed boxes to your door to help with the job of clearing out and setting the stage for a “model home” showing experience like no other.

Once the goods are safely wrapped and tucked away in some sturdy cardboard, you’ll need a truck to pick up belongings that can be set aside while your home is being used as a showplace.  The Jackie Ellis Team comes to the rescue again!  Yes, we will have a truck available to collect your precious possessions and carry them off to a site unseen.

And there will be no need to worry about your beloved belongings while they are away from you.  The Jackie Ellis Team comes complete with a secure storage facility to keep them safe and sound, ready to reunite with you once your home sells and you’re ready to move on to your next adventure.

Moving Made Easy with our Unique Selling Points will get the packing and moving steps easily underway.  For more information Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Unique Selling Point: Interactive Home Showcase #SellWithJackieEllis

9points-virtualhomeThe Interactive Home Showcase takes marketing your home online to a whole new level.  Going over and beyond the simple task of putting your property on the MLS, your home will have its very own website with its own domain.  Creatively advertising your website to potential buyers and real estate agents alike, the Interactive Home Showcase will consist of valuable and pertinent information.  Let’s take a more detailed look at just what the Interactive Home Showcase will present to the audience:

  • Professional photos of the interior and exterior of the home – Professionally staged photos placed strategically on the website will create just the right feel and ambiance that is unique to your home.
  • A detailed description of every aspect of the property – Details, details, details! There can never be too many details when it comes to the home description. Some potential buyers will spend time reading every word, while other buyers will skim the surface looking for keywords they find of most interest.  Either way, this marketing tool is undeniably invaluable.
  • 3D & Walking Home Tour – As outlined in a previous post, the 3D & Walking Home Tour is the latest 3D technology used to capture your home’s every nook and cranny, allowing online users to tour the entire home as they so choose. This tool, incredibly, increases the accessibility of your home to the largest possible number of buyers.
  • Seller Connection Video – Also outlined in a previous post, the Seller Connection Video allows the seller to share personal experiences about their home and allows them to create that important emotional connection with potential buyers.

Our world is changing through technology and the world of real estate is also evolving.  Having access to these new tools can be incredibly valuable, and we believe that each of our clients deserves the very best in marketing and representation.  We, here at The Jackie Ellis Team, look forward to sharing more information with you regarding our Unique Selling Tools.  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Unique Selling Point: 3D & Walking Home Tours #SellWithJackieEllis

9points-virtualtoru-1In today’s market, getting ahead of the competition is vitally important.  Unique selling points can put you ahead of the game.  And our next topic, 3D & Walking Home Tours, is no exception.  Utilizing the latest in 3D capture technology, your home will be transformed into a “walkable” online home tour.  Potential buyers can use their keyboards to walk through the entire house, just as they would in person.  The user can stop, look to the left, look to the right, and proceed when ready.  It’s truly quite amazing.  Not only that, but this remarkable feature increases the accessibility of your home to the largest number of buyers.

Newspaper ads, sales brochures, and open houses all have their place in the real estate marketing plan, but these traditional methods have a limited reach.  With such a tool as the internet at our constant disposal, it would be unwise not to use it to its fullest potential.  And, the 3D & Walking Home Tours are like video tours on steroids!  It’s almost as beneficial as having a personal showing.  Better yet, the buyer can do it from 2 miles away or 2,000 miles away.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the 3D & Walking Home Tours.

                            The Benefits of creating a 3D & Walking Home Tour

  • Better than still pictures, the walking tour puts the potential buyer in control of what they want to view more closely.
  • The walking home tour shows the amenities and upgrades of the home in more detail.
  • The technology used gives house hunters a better feel for the layout of the home.
  • The walking tour creates more emotion in potential buyers.
  • Of course, the online content is available 24/7 from anywhere and everywhere.
  • The walking tour reaches more buyers than with any other comparable service on the internet.
  • Links to the 3D & Walking Home Tour can be sent through email, text messaging, online newsletters, and social media.

For more information on 3D & Walking Home Tours, contact us here at the Jackie Ellis Team.  As always, we know you have a choice when it comes to real estate.  We are here to serve you!  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Unique Selling Point: Seller Connection Videos #SellWithJackieEllis

9points-sellerconnectGone are the days of taking the personal touch out of your home when marketing it for sale. No longer is there a need to remove family photos and personal items.  Of course, it’s still important to clear the clutter and strive to show your home like it’s a model.  But now we realize that relating with buyers on a whole new level, a personal level, can be quite advantageous.   Not long ago, sellers and buyers alike were advised to have very little contact with potential buyers and sellers.  Nowadays, with social media and the importance of connecting with others through technology, the personal touch is important.  That is….your personal involvement with your home, your family, your neighborhood, and your community.  Sharing some of the positive experiences that have come from living in your particular home can be invaluable.  One of the best ways to do this is with a Seller Connection Video.  “What, exactly, is that?” you ask.  Let’s take a look….

You may have heard of agents encouraging sellers to write personal letters describing their experiences living in the local neighborhood and community as well as describing specifics of the home they are selling.  The Seller Connection Video is, very simply, this personal letter transformed into a video.  The video allows sellers to visibly express emotion, building an emotional connection with the buyer.  In other words, it gives the seller the opportunity to personally connect with potential buyers.  This can be a useful selling tool because buyers just happen to buy with emotion.

Some of the topics which could be covered in The Seller Connection Video:

  • Personal memories or milestones reached while living in your home
  • Community involvement such as schools, churches, organizations
  • Friends you’ve made in the neighborhood and times spent with them
  • Emotions surrounding the thought of leaving your home; for most it is considered bittersweet
  • Holidays or entertaining friends and family in the home

The questions you are able to answer in the short “reality style” video can actually make the difference in helping a buyer move toward a decision.  For more information, contact us here at The Jackie Ellis Team.  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

9 Common Real Estate Myths, Debunked

Facts Key Showing True Information And Data

If we aren’t the expert in real estate, chances are pretty high that our brother’s friend or cousin’s boss is!  So who needs an agent to buy or sell?  We can figure it out on our own or with a little help from our friends and save a ton of money.  Wait a minute! Not so fast! When it comes to real estate, most of us should probably defer to the professionals who have years of training and experience. If you’ve bought into any of the myths we’re about to cover, you may want to think twice before you try to “go it alone” on your next venture.

  • Myth # 1: When pricing your home, go a little higher to leave room for negotiation.

Often times, this backfires on the seller.  Agents and homebuyers tend to stray away from homes priced above market, and this can leave your house sitting with the sale sign in the yard.  Beware sellers! Buyers often become leery of homes that sit on the market too long.

  • Myth # 2: Buyers can get a better price without using a buyer’s agent.

This is a myth that is, very simply, false.  The agent’s commission is paid by the seller.  If the home is listed through an agent, and the buyer doesn’t use an agent, the listing agent receives the entire commission.  Furthermore, a buyer’s agent is priceless and can help the buyer avoid drastic mistakes and pitfalls.

  • Myth # 3: Selling your home without an agent will save you money.

It’s true that some people can successfully sell their own home.  But there are some serious issues that must be dealt with such as putting the home on the MLS, listing it online, marketing the home properly, and negotiating contracts.  Let’s not forget, when you list your home “For Sale by Owner,” the buyers always expect a good deal!

  • Myth # 4: The real estate market will only go up!

It seems that sellers and buyers alike tend to forget the ups AND downs of the market.  The old saying, “what goes up must come down,” is in order here.  Real estate prices DO fall, and the fall can be quite considerable.

  • Myth # 5: Update your kitchen and bathrooms before listing.

Everyone thinks these two rooms should be renovated.  Not necessarily true!  Buyers may not have the same taste, and they feel that the price is reflecting the recent upgrades.  It would be best for everyone to adjust the price accordingly.

  • Myth # 6: You will make your money back on the renovations you complete.

Major renovations will certainly sell your home more quickly, but the simple truth is that you probably won’t recoup your cost.  Sometimes, it’s a necessity, but don’t expect to get all of your money back.

  • Myth # 7: All properties listed on the MLS will show up online.

Not true!  This is your agent’s job.  Make sure you are on the same page and that he or she has your home showing up on the World Wide Web.

  • Myth # 8: Having an Open House will sell your property.

Rarely does an Open House result in a contract on the property that is being shown.  However, what is most helpful is an Open House specifically for brokers in your area.

  • Myth # 9: The agent showing or listing your home represents your best interest.

Definitely not always true.  In certain states, a client does have the option of signing a contract for the agent to represent him/her as a listing or buyer’s agent. Before choosing an agent to work with you, be sure to weigh your options and do your own research.

As always, we know you have a choice when it comes to real estate.  We are here to serve you!  Contact us here at the Jackie Ellis Team.  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Six Tips to Help Your Agent and Lender Close the Home Faster

Happy Family near new home. Residential construction background.

In today’s world, faster is better!  It seems everyone is moving at the speed of light, and it’s no different in the business of real estate.  When it comes to closing on a new home, we all want it to happen “yesterday!”  Of course, the average time it takes to close on a home is somewhere between 30 and 45 days.  So, what are some things you, the homebuyer, can do to help your agent and lender move a little more swiftly and complete the transaction?  Here are a few tips to get you on your way to closing the deal quickly….

  1. Have all of your ducks in a row!  Before you ever set out on the home shopping tour, have all of the necessary paperwork and documents ready to go.  Consequently, when you find the right home, the process will flow much more smoothly.  What are some of the documents you’ll need?  W-2 forms for the previous two years, 1099 forms, recent paycheck stubs, tax returns from the previous 2 years, a complete list of all debts and monthly payments, and the last three months of banking statements.
  2. Have your down payment and closing costs ready to go! Know the amount that will be due on the day of closing and the correct form of payment required by your lender.  While personal checks were once the standard, wire transfers or cashier’s checks are now more often used.
  3. Use an experienced broker or banker! A broker who lacks experience can slow down the whole process.  Insufficient documentation and other mistakes can slow the progress by days or even weeks.
  4. Complete repairs and submit documentation quickly! The quicker you complete repairs or concessions you’ve agreed upon in the contract, the quicker the contract and loan can move forward.  Keep and copy all receipts, turning the originals over to your agent or lender as soon as possible.
  5. Schedule the home appraisal ASAP! One of the first things your lender will need, before moving forward on the loan, is an appraisal.  Make it happen just as soon as you can!
  6. Be available and flexible! Be ready for anything during the homebuyer process.  Be ready to run documents to your lender or agent at a moment’s notice.  Be flexible when scheduling appointments for repairs to the home.  And, be agreeable and easy to work with as much as possible.

These tips should have you well on your way to an easier, quicker close on your new home.  As always, we are here to serve you!  Contact us here at the Jackie Ellis Team.  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.

Stinky Homes Equal Stinky Home Prices

Young man closing nosa against stinky smellSo, you’re ready to list your home?  There’s no doubt, you have a huge “to do” list in preparation for the upcoming parade of picky perceptive prospects to come waltzing through your door to inspect every last nook and cranny.  It’s for certain, every inch of your home will be noticed, but there’s one very important detail that can’t be seen that you will want to pay close attention to; the smell of your home.

Every home seems to have a unique aroma all its own, and the people who live there seem to be acutely unaware.  This is the reason many people don’t even think about the smell when they are readying their home for the market.  Strong odors, even those that are thought to be pleasant, can be offensive to your guests.  When these guests are looking at your home to consider purchasing it, these objectionable odors can actually have a negative impact on your negotiations. That’s right!  A stinky home can lower the value of your home in the eyes (or the nose) of the beholder.  To avoid this downfall, consider the following tips to get your home in “sniff-proof” shape!

  1. Air it out!  Nothing works better to free your home of unwanted odors than a dose of old fashioned fresh air.  As much as possible, open the windows and doors and let nature do the work.
  2. Stop smoking! If you or any family members smoke, do not smoke indoors.  Smoke is one of the smells that many people, especially non-smokers, react very negatively to.
  3. Groom the pets! We all love our furry little family members, and some of the odors that we have become accustomed to don’t bother us.  This is not true for visitors.  Pet odors should be alleviated by keeping pets bathed and pet areas clean and disinfected.  Sometimes, it is easier to do this by keeping the pets limited to one area of the home while your house is listed.
  4. Paint the walls! Walls tend to hold odors in the home.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in eliminating stale odors of smoke, food and pets.  It’s also great for staging!  Don’t forget to stay with a neutral shade.
  5. Clean the carpets! A professional carpet cleaner can treat spots, deodorize, and have your carpets looking better in no time.  This is also an inexpensive way to enhance the overall look of your home.
  6. Stop cooking! Well, let’s not go overboard.  Don’t completely stop cooking.  However, it is a good rule of thumb to keep your home in “show-ready” condition.  This includes odors, so stay away from strong odors like fish, bacon, onions and garlic.
  7. Don’t overdo on air fresheners and candles! Sometimes “more” is too much!  Strong odors from candles and sprays can be overwhelming and just as offensive as bad odors.  A lightly scented apple pie candle or a little lavender oil in a diffuser may be just right.
  8. Keep it clean! Keeping your home clean, dusted, swept and mopped while showing it is half the battle.  A home that is cleaned often will smell more pleasant and will look better too.

For more information on preparing your home for the real estate market, contact us here at the Jackie Ellis Team.  Call 561-965-1225 or visit us at www.JackieEllis.com.