Lake Worth, A Great Place to Raise a Family

Beach paradise with palm treesTucked away in Palm Beach County, interested buyers will find Lake Worth homes for sale near everything that makes this charming community the place to be. Excellent neighborhoods in Lake Worth are: Lake Charleston, Journey’s End, Winston Trails, and Smith Farm. There are top-notch schools nearby, including Coral Reef Elementary and Park Vista High School. Plus, there are plenty of diversions available in the area that will keep the whole family busy year round.

For example, the exclusive community is home to well-maintained tennis and basketball courts. There is also an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, playground, media room, teen game room and spacious clubhouse where families may pass the time. If that isn’t enough to keep the kids busy, don’t worry. There are outdoor and indoor activities available within driving distance of these stunning, guarded community homes.

One of them is the Lake Worth Casino Building and Beach Complex. It is home to a wonderful, oceanfront park where visitors may rent everything they need for a day on the sand. There is a municipal pier, picnic areas and public restrooms on site too. Plus, places like Benny’s on the Beach are easily accessible for families that don’t want to drag out the picnicking gear. Thus, it’s so easy to spend an entire day down by the ocean.

Snook Islands Natural Area is nearby too. It’s an excellent place to take a leisurely nature stroll, go fishing and squeeze in a bit of boating. Oh, and there are bicycle racks on site as well. So, your family could opt to pedal their way to adventure. To get there, take the family and head towards the Lake Avenue Bridge and Lake Worth Lagoon.  When you’re done exploring the natural area, consider heading south to Bryant Park. There is a band shell there that often hosts live entertainment.

To learn more about Lake Worth homes for sale and all of the family friendly diversions available nearby, please contact the Jackie Ellis Team at 561-965-1225 or visit We currently have several properties available in Journeys End, Smith Farm, Winston Trails and Lake Charleston.

Do you need to get pre-approved to buy a home in Boynton Beach?

Safe Piggy Shows Restricted Permission Money BoxWhen it comes to buying a home in Boynton Beach, you need to know how much money you can spend. But does this mean that you need to get mortgage pre-approval before you begin working with a realtor? Here’s our opinion.

Benefits of Florida mortgage pre-approval 

There are many benefits of getting pre-approved for a mortgage. We recommend that serious house hunters do this because:

  • Pre-approval saves time – If you are pre-approved for a mortgage, you’ve already got the papers together to get qualified for a mortgage. You won’t need to scramble to get everything together when you find a dream home.
  • Pre-approval shows that you’re serious – Buyers are more likely to respect an offer from a seller with mortgage pre-approval, because the bank is essentially vouching that you are good for the money. In some cases, sellers can insist that interested parties submit a mortgage pre-approval letter with their offer, so you might need to do this.
  • Helps you focus your search – Finally, when you know how much money you can expect to borrow from a bank, you can target homes that you can afford. Without pre-approval, you risk falling in love with a house that is outside your budget or committing to a house that you cannot afford to upgrade after purchase.

Bottom line: Getting pre-approved is the smart thing to do, and it does not take a long time. For more tips on buying a home or to get started seeing available homes, please contact us at 561-965-1225 or visit

Wondering if You Should Buy a Home in Lake Worth?

Paradise beachPeople are fleeing biting winds, black ice on the roads and snow drifts covering their cars as fast as they can flash their credit cards at an airplane ticket counter. We don’t blame them. Florida promises warmth, leisure, amazing food, shopping and entertainment. Soon these folks will be posting on Facebook and Twitter pictures of incredible blue waters between flip-flopped feet, pink drinks with little umbrellas and sun-washed palm trees.  Others who can’t afford to be a snow-bird or a retiree just yet consider Florida with yearning and dream what life would be like there. Allow us to give you a peek at the kind of lifestyle you’d find when you buy a home in Lake Worth, a small-town-feeling portion of Palm Beach County.


If you’re one who would like to ditch the boots and mufflers but wonder if you can work in Palm Beach County, then rest easy. The Social Security demographic is almost a blip compared to the salary-receiving workforce. In fact, young people ages 25 to 34 make up a large chunk of the population in Lake Worth, with an income of between $10,000 and $100,000. They live in two bed and bath condos they bought for $87,000. They work in the tech industry which is well represented in Palm Beach County, as well as the energy and aerospace industries. Gen Ys and Millennials will find quite enough to keep them busy here in addition to beautiful homes in which to live.


The Lake Worth lifestyle is one of small town U.S.A. with everything from groceries to fitness centers to libraries to shopping, parks and entertainment within a mile. All this can be accessed on local trains and buses. Oktoberfest, Finlandia Week and the Street Painting Festival are only a few attractions in the downtown area in addition to the historic museum and the churches. Warm breezes float through homes with two beds and baths running from $65,000 and up to three and four beds and baths for $260,000 and up. If you crave the kind of town in which everyone knows everyone, then you’ve chosen the right place!

Lake Worth sits on the Intracoastal Waterway right across the water from Palm Beach. This, in addition to Lake Worth Lagoon, means waterfront property from which those pictures of blue waters between flip-flopped feet can be posted. Are you a fisherperson? You could fish from your own dock. Would you rather commune with nature while hiking or biking beside the water? Does the idea of sitting beneath one of those sun-washed palm trees while reading a book, working online or listening to the water chuckle  appeal to you? Waterfront homes run from $420,000 and up with as many beds and baths as you need.

It’s About the Beach

Lake Worth has warm golden sandy beaches plus being across the water from the sands of Palm Beach. Boats can be rented with or without a captain as well as being for sale. Cruise the waters of area lakes, Lake Worth Lagoon, the Intracoastal Waterway or the open ocean, it’s up to you. Fish or water-ski the warm blue waters of southeast Florida or check out the floating casinos. This is the life you left the snow for, so kick back and have another umbrella’d drink!

A real estate transaction using Jackie Ellis’ team of professionals gives you a finger on the pulse of the newest and best listings in Palm Beach County. Using social media and technology to best advantage, our team of savvy professionals will deliver the property you want in the neighborhood you want when you contact us for more information.